This Quality Plan describes the policy, values & culture necessary for 
P.D.M (North East) Ltd to continually design, manufacture & deliver     products of a high standard,      achieving both internal & external customer expectations. 


Quality & Delivery are our most important requirements.
In a participative environment of continuous improvement, our commitment is to satisfy our customers by providing error-free products & services. 

P.D.M (North East) Ltd is dedicated to meeting/exceeding the expectations of      its customers.


Management & leadership, providing commitment & direction.

Continuous improvement, development of skills & knowledge.

Encourage initiative, creativity, communication & pride in work.

Work in partnership with customers & suppliers to develop long term relations based on excellence, trust & understanding.

Encourage all employees to live the core values. 

Core Values


Create long term relationships with customers & suppliers. 


To regularly assess the needs of the business & conduct our business affairs with integrity (Integrity implies: Honesty, Respect, Reliability)


Strive to maintain an environment that will stimulate new & creative approaches to all aspects of our business.

Plans and strategies that demonstrate a commitment to the continuous development  of personnel, products & processes.

Regular investment in capital equipment, processes, information technology & the environment.



Promote academic development, create a learning environment, where everyone is encouraged to develop their knowledge, creative design & alternative thinking. Create a right-first-time attitude & uncompromising attention to detail.

Introduce control standards & measures commensurate with the obligatory and regulatory requirements of our customers.

Measure the indices & values that represent and accurately reflect the quality/performance of both the inputs & outputs of the business.