Our experienced team of skilled engineers can manufacture models utilising a variety of processes and materials

Model Making is an integral part of the design & development process

Models may include:

  • Aesthetic appearance models, painted, weighted, non-functioning
  • Scale models of large or small objects for evaluation & exhibition 
  • Working models for market research, tests & evaluation 

Anchor 1:20 scale
Machined from resin board
Painted satin black
Steel retaining pin

Ball & bull nose milling cutters were used to replicate weld radius & steel web fillet.

Model anchor 1:20 scale, manufactured from customers 3D CAD data, CNC machined from resin model board.

Copper drawing machine

Scale exhibition model of a copper pipe drawing machine. The model manufactured at 1:10 scale includes enough aesthetic detail to appear realistic.

Manufactured from customers 3D CAD data
CNC machined from resin model board
Painted in grey primer